Website Redesign and Development

Mediadeck took on the task to re-design and develop Kaboom's new website, to refresh and elevate the overall look of their site while still keeping Kaboom's "friendly vibe" and ensuring the display of the directors' work is clear and well shown.

Our mail goal was to keep the original content and pages but with an elevated approach to make their website standout from their competitors while displaying Kaboom's directors' work and radiating with the Kaboom "friendly vibe".


Project Objectives:

  1. Update layouts, buttons and menus to have a fresh and overhauled look.Stick to the 2024 design trends to achieve said look.
  2. Integrate Kaboom’s friendly and colorful vibe to website and match their personal brand and identity. Achievable by utilizing colors, graphic elements, icons and interactions.
  3. Streamline the user experience to ensure ease of navigation through Kabooms website. Less clicks to get to where the user wants.
  4. Easily access list of directorsFeature work prominently to emphasize Kabooms expertise. Guarantee a seamless and visually appealing experience across various devices. Make mobile experience a top priority.
  5. Implement a Content Management System (CMS) Create a CMS on Webflow to manage all of Kaboom’s directors and easily add, change, and remove them.

Website Redesign
Kaboom Productions
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