Sleek Website Re-Design

Our team took on a big job redesigning Scott Cunningham's website. Scott's a top-notch Director of Photography, and we teamed up to give his online presence a fresh new look. We aimed for a clean and sleek design, keeping things simple but adding a pop of yellow to his word-mark for a bit of flair.

Our main goal was to make the site more user-friendly and really highlight Scott's impressive work for a wider audience. We spiced up the splash page by throwing in some cool moving GIFs on video thumbnails, giving it a lively vibe. We also went for a mosaic layout to add some extra visual appeal.


Project Objectives:

  1. Elevate Artistic Expression: Infused Scott's personal brand into the re-design to reflect his identity.
  2. Curate a Unique Visual Identity: Developed a distinctive visual language that sets Scott's website apart.
  3. Prioritize User Experience and Simplicity: Streamlined the user experience to ensure ease of navigation through Scott's portfolio.
  4. Develop a brand new word-mark: Created a fresh word-mark to sit on the top of the website that feels clean and modern.
  5. Highlight Key Projects and Achievements: Featured key projects prominently to emphasize Scott's expertise and achievements.

Website re-design
Scott Cunningham, ASC
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